> a year and a bit in

a year and a bit in

2013-10-26 - jjackunrau

I’ve been in Campbell River a year. More than a year. Last year I put up a picture of me, one month in. Here’s what I look like today. [caption id=”attachment_3005” align=”alignnone” width=”580”]Hatless(!) Me 2013 Hatless(!) Me 2013[/caption] A year was the amount of time I planned to give it before deciding what role this place was going to play in my life. For me, that meant I didn’t want to come here and immediately start thinking about leaving. Giving it a year to see what happened seemed legitimate. Maybe I would really like living in a small town. Maybe I would make some friends that would make me not want to leave.

Well, that hasn’t really happened.

To be clear, my job is fine. If I was doing this job in a place where I had friends to have a beer with after work and to play games with on the weekend it would be pretty great. But I do not have that. I have work and books and the internet which is not terrible, but also not terribly inspiring or fun. Could be worse.

griping left out because it was boring plans time