> i hate confluences of circumstances

i hate confluences of circumstances

2012-10-16 - jjackunrau

I need to go to an orientation in another town 150km away on Wednesday. That begins at 9am. There is no public transportation to that town for 9am. So I will rent a car. Oh no wait. That means I would have to leave at 7 or 7:30am and the car rental place opens at 9am. So I will rent a car the night before. And park it out on the street somewhere because I have no parking spot at my apartment. Oh but I will be back here after 5:30pm so the car rental place will be closed again. So I will park it on the street somewhere a second night. This adds a lot to the cost, but the company is paying for it.

I think I should buy a car. I’ve thought it would be useful in a small town. I see a car I like. I arrange to buy it. The money is transferred from one account to another of mine in preparation. I go to the bank machine to remove the prepared money to give to the lady who is selling me her car. The money is not there. I have to go to the bank when it opens to find out why the money is not there. The bank opens at 9:30am. No big deal. I can rent a car for my trip.

Oh, but the bank calls and asks about suspicious charges on my Mastercard. The bank is sure they are fraudulent and I agree. The bank clears up the matter and says they will send me a new card and that I can’t use my old one any more.

The car rental place does not take debit. The car rental place does not take Visa internet debit cards either. The car rental place will not rent me a car without a credit card, which, as of now I don’t have until the new one arrives.

Buying a car becomes more important if I am going to get to my orientation. But the money is still not in the account I told it to be in. I need to talk to the bank, where of course it will all be resolved quickly and simply and I will be able to bicycle with the money to the place where my soon-to-be car is to give them the money to get the insurance papers and go to work for eight hours and get the registration transferred in the middle and bicycle back up the hill to get a car.

All in a day like tomorrow. Because everything will work out so smoothly.

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