> and it all went smoothly

and it all went smoothly

2012-10-17 - jjackunrau

I feel like I have to write the kinds of things like I did yesterday to get all the crap I can see possibly going wrong out in the open. To be able to look at the reasons I’m turning into a little ball of stress. And then, somehow, nothing I expect to happen does and it all works out fine.

I’ve gotten a lot better about letting things work themselves out than I used to be, even if I still tense up as my plans get more and more untenable. I still need to prepare the way I do, I think. I catch too many little snags that could mess things up otherwise. But I’m happy I’ve matured to the point where I can be all frustrated with how nothing is going to work, do as much useful prep as possible and then still sleep. Sleep solves so many problems. For me. Because my problems are small annoyances and nothing really important.

I own a car now and will be driving to Nanaimo in it tomorrow. Which is weird. But fine.

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