> clockwork creature review

clockwork creature review

2007-05-02 - jjackunrau

Last week I obtained an advance copy of Kyle Strahm’s new comic, Clockwork Creature: Chapter One (by agreeing to write about what I thought of it here). It’s a 50-page atmospheric tale of a town being menaced by rash disappearances and the creature from the title. A Baron shows up to help the town deal with it. Hilarity ensues. No, not hilarity exactly. I mean, it’s not a highflown tale of derring do and wise crackery, though there is a weapon “from the future!” involved. Actually the whole thing reminds me more of a folktale, or legend. The characters don’t seem as important as the outline of the story itself. It’s a tale of something scary in the dark, and doesn’t matter who exactly is being menaced.

The black and white art adds to the feeling of eeriness. Strahm draws expressive characters often enshrouded in ink, and it works very well. The main art thing is the clockwork creature itself, which is done in a disorienting checkerboard pattern. I really liked this effect. It made it almost hard to look at, like a real monster would be. It seems almost to partake of Cthulhoid dimensions or something. Very neat.

If you get a chance, I’d recommend reading it. It’ll be out from Ambrosia Publishing sometime soon. It’s also being serialized on the Ambrosia website so you could be reading it right now. I’m looking forward to chapter two.

clockwork creature review