> like tree trunks they were

like tree trunks they were

2007-03-10 - jjackunrau

Last night/early this morning Sean and I saw 300. Here’s the point of the movie: Spartans were the manliest men ever. You’ve seen the best lines in the trailer, but the fight scenes, which is what the movie is primarily composed of are things of beauty. The dialogue, not so much. I was appalled that the credit sequence they used at the end of the movie wasn’t up at the front. It was an animated bit that was phenomenal (in much the same way that Casino Royale’s credit sequence was my favourite part of that movie).

Tonight on CBC I saw a review of the movie, and it talked about the violence (of course) and the racism involved. Which I don’t really get. The Spartans were fighting the Persians. The CBC seemed to be trying to do one of these allegory type things about how because they fight, people from another country it’s offensive to Iranians? No I don’t really understand what they’re talking about at all. I mean, there were black people in the Persian army, and none of the Spartan heroes were black. Is that the racism?

And through the movie I hated how my brain kept on trying to tie the rhetoric to Dubya’s War on Terror. That’s not what it was about. The New York Times did a piece about that last week. Fucking allegories. I do not like them. 300 was simply about men with huge cocks.

[UPDATE: Here’s a critical review of the movie from Alternet, which seems a fairly typical “responsible adult” kind of response. Even though 300 wasn’t my favourite movie, I still don’t appreciate being lumped in with the cat-killing/Ann Coulter crowd.]

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