> i will have to buy a bus pass

i will have to buy a bus pass

2010-02-14 - jjackunrau

I’m done with twenty-minute walks daily and can now look forward to 33% less income. But I’m not complaining. I, for one, welcome our new insect overlords. There are worse things that could have happened and I now have an excuse to read piles of manga. Maybe I’ll even grow to like it.

It feels like every manga I’ve read moves glacially. Wait. That’s not true. The only one I read with that problem was Old Boy. Hassie’d recommended the movie and when I saw the manga at the library I took it out and read the first volume. It was so obvious and redundant and dumb. In my memory there were like two sentences per eight pages, and all the images were of people walking down hallways trying to look cool. I’m sorry Old Boy if I have distorted you beyond recognition but I thought you were terrible and was very glad I spent no money on you.

Maybe for the manga club I’ll bring Old Boy in as an example of what I can’t stand. Maybe it’s better than I remember. I wonder if I’ll have to expand beyond manga to the comics I love or if I’ll be able to find enough manga I like for discussion purposes.

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