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2010-05-30 - jjackunrau

This afternoon between downpours I went to the library for a comics making workshop run by John Toone and GMB Chomichuk (which is pronounced completely differently than I would have thought). It was a good time and I wasn’t even the oldest person there (it was billed as being a YA event), not by far. They talked about formatting issues and pitching your ideas in one sentence, about following instructions and how emails are legally admissible in court. There’ll be another session next week and we have homework to do, which I realize I need. I need some sort of deadline to get work done. So tonight I’ve outlined out the arc of the rest of my graphic novel (Animus Lost, the one that Hassie and I did the idea spitballing for however many years ago). The first near-20% is scripted, and now I know where the rest of it is going. Which is more than the homework but once you get working, good work sort of pulls you along. So yeah, good times.

Also, the other day I noticed that Texas Bound (my story published in Broken Pencil) is now online. I’m not saying you’re going to like it, but it’s there.

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