> nothing is any good if other people like it?

nothing is any good if other people like it?

2008-07-20 - jjackunrau

I was part of the phenomenon of The Dark Knight’s box office record breaking on Friday. Go me for liking things other people like.

Meanwhile, since the [Watchmen] trailer debuted the other day, packaged with the theatrical release of The Dark Knight, Watchmen has jumped to Amazon's Number Four overall seller. That's not a fandom thing: fandom already has its copies. That's the vox pop sitting through the opening showings of Dark Knight, because the vox pop is totally jazzed about Dark Knight, and seeing this Watchmen trailer that declares it's based on "The Most Celebrated Graphic Novel of All Time" and saying to itself, "Vox Pop, I gotta get me that thing. That looks cool." I noticed that the 20-screen theater where I saw Dark Knight is currently showing five different superhero movies. (They just closed Iron Man.) Just as Tom Disch informed us back at the turn of the millennium that science fiction had conquered the culture while we weren't looking, what's clear in 2008 is that the superhero story is a mainstream enthusiasm. Let's type that again: The superhero story is a mainstream enthusiasm. _-Jim Henley on tor.com_

I was telling Kate about the Dark Knight this morning, not in detail, but saying how I liked it. “It was great in a…” and I was going to finish that sentence with “…in a superhero kind of way” but in mid sentence I realized that wasn’t what I meant at all. It wasn’t just a niche kind of movie. I mean it was a big budget kind of Hollywood thing sure, not an independent piece of cinema, but saying “…in a Hollywood kind of way” felt overly pretentious. trying to come off as an arthouse snob, like I’m better than popular things. In the end, I finished the sentence with “… in an awesome kind of way.” Because I really enjoyed it.

I saw it at the Towne on Friday early evening and the theatre wasn’t full. It being the Towne the audience wasn’t the comic book geek crowd from the suburbs, but a rougher local bunch. There was a lot of laughing at vaguely inappropriate moments (eg. the Joker’s early magic trick with the pencil) when shocked horror might have been more what the filmmakers were going for.

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