> a brief vacation

a brief vacation

2014-05-15 - jjackunrau

One of the best parts of living in Campbell River is being paid enough to leave it for a vacation. So last week I went east for the Toronto Comic Arts Festival and other assorted ventures.

The baseball game on Thursday night was fun but weird. I had not been to baseball in a dome for so long I felt like an old man grousing about how it didn’t feel like real baseball. I was at a CFL game in Vancouver’s dome a couple of years ago and that didn’t bother me. Basically because football doesn’t seem real anyway. I got a ticket in the 100 level outfield in centre-right. There was a guy in our section who was having a birthday. He was also a big Colby Rasmus fan. I always have a weird issue with liking Colby Rasmus because it makes me feel like a racist. The Jays have a tonne of awesome talented players, why do I like the redneck underachiever? Anyway, this guy and his party had no such qualms, which made for an entertaining game. Especially since in his first at-bat Rasmus hit a homerun. Then in the top of the next inning made a great running catch for an out. Pretty sweet.

I also wandered around Toronto a bit and totally enjoyed TCAF. I bought a lot of books and got a lot of them signed and/or sketched in. I never really know what to say to creators when I meet them, but whatever. Having the librarian title to hide behind usually is pretty good, as most people have nice things to say about librarians.

Also I finally went to Snakes & Lattes (with Jamie and one of his cousins), and the ROM to see dinosaur fossils, and got to see a Danny Michel show where he had a band, not just him his guitar and a loop pedal. I enjoyed it, as I always enjoy Danny Michel.

Then I came home. Back to work. I have a lot of good stuff to read now.

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