> scarecrows as christlike figures

scarecrows as christlike figures

2007-05-27 - jjackunrau

And now I’m done Carnivale. As soon as it was over I had to check the show’s wikipedia page. I knew there were only two seasons, but I hadn’t realized it was designed as a six season story. You can tell, but strangely enough it doesn’t make me angry. I mean, more would be great, but I’d hate to see them try and put an end to it the way they did with Firefly and Serenity. There’s enough of an ending for me. Just like Arrested Development.

This show just highlights the fact that Watchmen should not be made as a feature film; it needs to be 12 episodes on HBO. I think I saw something about Keanu Reeves being cast as Dr. Manhattan. I hope that was a dream. I do have those sometimes.

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