> on creativity and consumption

on creativity and consumption

2007-04-04 - jjackunrau

Okay, I’ve been reading some interesting things recently it seems. Here’s a couple of bits from an essay called Wake Up Neo: There is No Counterculture, You Twit:

Word in the counter culture grapevine is: the poorer you are, the cooler you are. You stick to your ideals. People take pride in it because it's all they have. Word in the mainstream culture is: the more money you have, the cooler you are. You know how to get things done, and you can purchase all the status money can buy. You have to consider the cost to your dreams a tax write-off. This is where I do a 360, guzzle a bottle of whiskey, and stagger into the tall grass. I don't buy any of it, anymore. If your life revolves around what people think about you, how the shoes you wear define you as a person, or which line of body spray is most likely to get you laid, you've turned yourself into a patsy. The only way out of this cycle is to create, and forget about trying to be original. People don't set the artistic trends by trying to set the trends. They are genuine to what really gets them in the vitals. Fight long enough and it will find its market, or you will die trying. Even if only one other person reads and really absorbs your words, you haven't lost.

I spent my day not creating anything, really. I did read a lot of comics though. It’s great having Hassie back in town for these month-long spurts as it kicks my ass into reading stuff. He’s got a much better collection of trade paperbacked comics I like than the library does. Or at least his has shorter waitlists.

One book I read today was V for Vendetta. It’s interesting how some of the themes in there bounce off the Hassie and Justin comics project. Not that ours is going to be the next great Alan Moore style phenomenon, but there are connections. The greats have done things with these themes and now we’re slowly trying them ourselves.

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