> a thing I've been working on

a thing I've been working on

2007-07-25 - jjackunrau

I’ve had the 3dWorlder Issue 1 script done for weeks. But when I say done I mean, the gist of all the words were in place, the scenes were lined up and all the cool panels were scrawled well enough for my own use. Now I’m finally going back and putting in the descriptions so an artist would actually be able to know what it should look like without being inside my brain. It’s sort of fun.

(Incidentally, how did you pronounce “3dWorlder” in your head when you read it? I’m not sure if the way I do it is intuitive or not.)

Because I like the scene here are the first four pages of the script. There are more detailed writeups for the main characters as well as the city itself but you don’t need all of that. Don’t steal it and pass it off as your own please.

PAGE 1Establishing shot of a street in 3DCity. This is a forgotten place in the glittertastic future that has nothing glittery about it. We're looking at a shabby as hell brick building with a wooden sign reading THE MONTGOMERY out front propped up against it. Graffiti, trash, an altogether unpleasant place to be. CAPTION The Future WU MING (inside) Excuse me sir. The Montgomery's a drab shithole of a bar with not enough tables for the space and a few down and out old timers nursing murky glasses in the background. CAIRO DEWS is slumped face down on a sticky table. He's a skinny old guy with loose skin and hair that looks like he cut it himself possibly with a rock. He's got ports for a few wires coming out of his skull. WU MING (off-panel) Excuse me sir. WU MING is standing in front of the table. Wu is a young Asian boy in monk robes. He's not very tall. His head is shaved and he has no implants. He looks a little unsure of himself in this environment and is trying to wake Dews up without touching him. WU MING Excuse me. Dews lifts his head from the table and jams his thumb into his left eye socket. PAGE 2 Dews still has his thumb in his eye, wrenching back a bit from the pain DEWS Agh! Okay, pain works. Hunger works. Thirst works. Vision... He looks up to see Wu Ming. His left eye is rolling back in his head. DEWS Shit. Not Thailand again. Wu is even less confident of himself as he gets a little defensive (but still polite). WU MING No sir, you're at the Montgomery. In 3DCity. DEWS You got a when? WU MING Friday. Dews is visibly getting his bearings, hands on the table to steady himself scanning the room. Left eye is not looking anywhere near where the rest of him is. DEWS You got a year? Never mind. Monty, how long was I out? Behind Dews is the bar where a greasy cowboy (MONTY) is spitting into a glass. Dews should fill most of the foreground of this page-wide panel. MONTY Three days, Cairo. I'm charging rent. DEWS You're too sweet. PAGE 3 Dews pulls out a recording device and puts it on the table between him and Wu. It should be obviously scratch-built with a visible microphone kind of thing. It's digital tech but could be in archaic casings or something. DEWS Just to get this out of the way: Can you assert under no coercion that I've never assaulted you in any fashion? Wu is vaguely disgusted at the insinuation, but tries to get through it. WU MING Of course not. DEWS "Of course I can't assert that," or "of course Dews never did such a thing?" This is important. Wu's stating the obvious and it's obvious he doesn't like to do so. WU MING Of course you've never done anything like that. We just met... Dews snaps the recorder off with a menacing flourish. DEWS That's enough of that. I've got it on tape and I'll use it if you turn on me punk. So just watch it. PAGE 4 Dews is done with Wu. He's standing up, not looking at him while he dismisses the young man with a wave. Wu stands his ground. DEWS Now get out of here. WU MING No sir, I need your help. I need you to fix a murder. Dews stares blankly back at him, the eye he poked earlier still veering off wildly. Wu's brow furrows as he asks. WU MING You *are* Cairo Dews? The detech? This jolts Dews from his distracted reverie. Both eyes focus on Wu. DEWS It's pronounced Kay-Row, kid. And the word's detective. Dews' body language has completely changed from harmless crazy drunk to confident authoritative expert. He's got a paternal hand on Wu's shoulder. DEWS Let's go for a walk.

I’ve had this exchange in my head for months, and it feels good to look at it in black and white. Of course it’d look even better with actual pictures, but there’s no point in getting greedy.