> i also have a halloween costume picked

i also have a halloween costume picked

2007-10-20 - jjackunrau

I’ve mentioned the artist before on here, but check out “Harvestmen” by Sam Costello and Sami Makkonen. Specifically check out the art. I just sent Sami Makkonen an email asking if he’d want to draw for 3dWorlder. I sent him a script and a synopsis. Hopefully he’ll say yes and we can put together a package and shop it around to publishers, maybe someone like Ambrosia.

I’ve got a new story brewing in me. One that I have no idea where it would end up. But in a good way. I’ve written a bit down but as I think the more it shifts. Tomorrow I’ll get some good ink on it.

Recently I’ve taken to writing not on my computer. I’m not sure why. Something about the lack of word count that allows me to fudge how much actual work I’m doing.

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