> dimensions (or why I should read more grant morrison)

dimensions (or why I should read more grant morrison)

2008-04-21 - jjackunrau

From io9: This Is Grant Morrison On Drugs

But the idea was: Superman, Batman, they're much more real than we are — created long before any of us were alive. Superman is still vital and young and communicating to people. When we're dead and gone and dust, there will probably still be a Superman. And the world that they inhabit is a two-dimensional world. You can pick up different comics from his whole span of existence, but it's all still there. I began to imagine: what if there were things above us, on a hyper-cube level, if there were people who could look down on us like we look down on Superman, and see the entirety of our lives? The same way we can see the entirety of lives in the second dimension? The experience of The Invisibles in Kathmandu was kind of an actualization of that reality — that there are things up there that can see the entirety of Earth time and Earth space like that. It's an ongoing fascination for me.

The bit of my story I wrote today is vaguely connected to this idea. I have to keep my eyes on the references I’m using in this first draft so that my later stuff will sparkle and not feel like a vague loser-ish wannabe Grant Morrison. Groundwork baby.

Yesterday at work I read a comic book western that I just couldn’t stand. Jonah Hex. It comes from having read the first trade of Azzarello’s Loveless earlier in the week, but I couldn’t believe how cardboard the toughguy speeches were and how hackneyed everything about it was. “I could write this ten times better” I thought. Which would still be nowhere near an Azzarello script but at least I wouldn’t cringe so much.

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