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what makes an artist

2011-01-06 - jjackunrau

In the current Webcomics Weekly podcast Scott Kurtz talks about what makes a cartoonist being a unique worldview, not using cartooning to make money by adding static to the internet (plus bearsnatch). It’s a really interesting discussion of shifting big-tent definitions of art. “I worked really hard on this,” Kurtz says, which makes him mad that the Oatmeal guy calls himself a cartoonist. And that the business model is the only part of PvP that his non-fans care about, when he cares so much about the craft of cartooning.

There was stuff about how you learn about the history of what you love, and getting really passionate about the history of your craft. There’re bits about how he felt embarrassed to have to ask who Jack Kirby was and why he was important, and how he has to explain stuff about why Peanuts was so revolutionary.

Man, it was a good discussion. If you care about the intersection of art and business, or working really hard on your skills vs leapfrogging to success, or like to hear a guy say curmudgeonly stuff you might find it interesting.

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