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trying something new

2010-05-02 - jjackunrau

And that something is blogging.

On Friday I went to the bank to get some stuff sorted out. I have this money from selling the condo but it’s for school but maybe not all of it has to be and what’s the deal with RRSPs anyway so I went to talk to a guy about this kind of stuff. Good guy, young and not intimidating. So we went through things and it looks like I had room to put a bit aside in a “Forget about me” kind of arrangement, which is all good. I also learned why I don’t have to feel the middle class guilt about not putting money into RRSPs, as those are things for when you’re in some tax bracket and you defer the tax till you’re in a lower one (when you retire presumably). Since I’m in such a low one right now, that makes no sense for me. No one had ever explained that before. So that piece of information alone (which I probably could have googled) made me feel my trip down to the bank was well-spent.

When I work long shifts (long being relative) I often go to the Safeway across the street for a sandwich. I really like their deli-counter sandwiches they’ve got. The only thing, which is a common problem to most sandwich places, is there aren’t a lot of preset vegetarian options. But the Italian Garden sandwich is great anyway so I don’t worry about it. I do switch up the bread. The funny part is how I’m in there almost every week and I get this Italian Garden sandwich, and every single time, they have no idea how to make it. Same staff every time, but they have to figure out the ingredients and double check everything to make sure it’s going right. I guess it’s kind of nice because it makes me feel special. I am evidently the only person who ever goes to that Safeway and orders the Italian Garden sandwich.

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