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wrong and right cheeses

2012-02-18 - jjackunrau

When I went grocery shopping the other day, I went to the Safeway that’s a bit longer walk from the apartment but has better prices than the Urban Fare that’s closer. I bought cheese and agonized over green peppers and generally did my usual grocery shopping shtick which involves dealing with being overwhelmed by choice. I bought a brick of cheddar cheese to go with my various things cheese can accompany (grains tomatoes and apples).

When I returned home and made food that used the cheese I discovered to my horror that it was light cheese. I don’t know why that is even a thing that exists. I mean, I know it exists because it can be exchanged for money which can be exchanged for the essentials and luxuries of life, but it is such a sad and terrible thing to have in my fridge, all doughy and bland. I will eat it without joy. Le sigh.

But the much better cheese anecdote of the week is that on Tuesday Jamie and Jessie and Trev and I participated in the Cheshire Cheese Inn’s Trivia night and we won. We won despite coming in second or third in each of the rounds, but they have a system where the higher you place, the more cheese shaped ballots you get to put in the draw for the prize at the end of the night (if you’ve played Killer Bunnies and the Quest for the Magic Carrot it’s the same sort of endgame).

I was disappointed in our play in general. I took us down bad rabbit holes, second-guessing a number of things that would have been fine if we hadn’t overthought it. This one was a much more general knowledge kind of trivia night than the last one I participated in (which was almost entirely library school students and seemed much trickier). But I was on the winning team each time so I am obviously just lucky and skilled enough I should do this more often.

Before coming to Vancouver, my only knowledge of trivia nights was from that episode of The Office (UK). I had no idea they were a thing outside of Britain, but supposedly they’ve been popping up all over this town. I will be going to another, probably better, one next week.

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