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feeding the twittermind

2010-09-14 - jjackunrau

On Saturday I went to a show that took place in a chocolate shop. A handmade chocolate shop called Cocoa Nymph where I had a hot chocolate (labelled on the blackboard as “Drinking Chocolate”) that was a much more holy beverage than any communion I’d ever taken. I went there to see Marian Call perform. I’d never heard of her before, but the TwitterMind said it would be fun, and Twitter never made suggestions about cool things to do in Winnipeg. Now that I’m within its tendrils where it can affect the real world I feel like I owe it something. Attention sacrifice in the place of blood, right?

So Marian Call was awesome. She had some geeky songs, including some stuff that’s evidently official Firefly and Battlestar Galactica merch, but she was mainly just a great indie folk singer with awesome pipes. She had a great song about how she’s not a real Alaskan woman, and sang a fun one about karaoke. It was during that song that I got my picture of the show, using my phone, because that’s what I default carry these days.

And behold the power of Twitter, two days later it’s one of my most viewed pictures ever. There’s also some StumbleUpon traffic too, but it got tweeted and then looked at. Which is cool. I like the picture a lot.

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