> best proselytizing ever

best proselytizing ever

2010-09-08 - jjackunrau

I biked to school today. It was not too terribly hellish with hills, so I’m not sure what that bodes for my ride home in a few hours. Now, when I say “not too terribly hellish” I mean there was only one hill I was ready to slit my belly on the side of the road to apologize to the universe for my failure to climb it but please please please I just want to die. And this is where the evangelists came in.

So there’s this two-stage hill climbing W 8th up to UBC. Two thirds of the way up there’s a church. As I climbed up to be level with the church there were three or four retirees with beards out standing and cheering their fool heads off. I saw the cyclist ahead of me give them a high five as he went by and I dragged my carcass along towards them. They had a table saying “St. Someone’s Juice Stand” and they weren’t just giving out high fives, but juice-boxes and granola bars wrapped in a little “Here’s what our church does” pamphlet. It was actually kind of awesome. They just come in when you’re at your weakest and give the weary traveller sustenance wrapped in an inoffensive (as in, no hellfire and damnation of nonbelievers) message. Pretty slick.

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