> cook flesh with fire

cook flesh with fire

2010-05-10 - jjackunrau

Getting the chance to barbecue is something I missed living in the condo. Reyn has a barbecue on the back deck though, so I’m getting back into practice.

Yesterday I was at my mom’s and I barbecued steaks and portobello mushrooms. The steaks had marinated in tequila and garlic for two days, and I grilled the mushrooms up with a raspberry vinaigrette and fresh rosemary. Both turned out pretty good. I always worry when cooking meat, since if I fuck it up it’s not me who has to suffer the eating of it.

While eating, my mom explained to Sri’s son that the steaks were marinated in booze because it was Mother’s Day and that’s how she wanted it. (He wasn’t a fan.) This led me off on a reminiscence about canoe trip steaks with Ernie and Dave’s uncles. I can’t remember if those steaks were actually soaking in whisky for four days of hiking or if they were just aging to perfection. Still the best damned pieces of meat ever.

The earlier part of Mother’s Day was spent watching the Jays win in style while Mom napped. Oh, and dressing the dog up to celebrate surviving cancer for a year. She got the shirt specially made since, surprisingly, it is hard to find a shirt for a dog (or infant, which is what she ended up buying because it was cheaper) that has “Cancer Survivor” preprinted onto it.

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