> not terribly subtle, no

not terribly subtle, no

2010-09-21 - jjackunrau

So this weekend I did a bunch of homework and saw a couple of Fringe plays. The Fringe here felt super expensive compared to Winnipeg. Many people I know here have been talking about how expensive food is here, but it’s plays and movies that I’m noticing. Because really, who eats?

Both plays were one-person shows. One was pretty good, the other was less so. The less good one was a performer I’m now convinced I saw at WInnipeg Fringe a couple of years ago. This performance was six or seven monologues in different characters. She started strong (“I will kick you in the box until you pass out and reach your weight loss goals!”) and ended strong (a sketch with only the words “Mom! Ice cream!”) but the middle was a whole lot of Mad TV reject material. The other play, When Harry Met Harry was good. A guy working in an office who had to go to an Interpersonal Skills seminar. Predictably he failed funnily but grew from it. The actor was really good though. The lighting cues were impeccable and really played well with his performance.

Today I bought a flashing red light for my back, so when I leave the house at my ungodly time in the morning tomorrow, traffic will be able to see me better. I don’t understand why we have 8am classes. We’re grad students. Why are we not starting at 10 or 11?

Tomorrow Holly flies back to China. Really that shouldn’t make that much of a difference to me, right? Talking on the phone/Skype isn’t terribly different if we’re across a continent or an ocean. I’m still not with her, which is where I want to be. 75 days.

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