> in search of pellets and bricks

in search of pellets and bricks

2012-05-03 - jjackunrau

Today my roommate’s fish ran out of food. She’s out of town till tomorrow? Friday? and I’m supposed to be feeding them. She left money in case this happened, so no big deal. Except that finding a place to sell fish food is much more difficult than I’d have expected. The closest place to me had gone out of business, several more only sell dog stuff. Eventually I found goldfish food at a place in Yaletown but it’s in flakes not pellets. I asked the clerks if the fish would freak out over the difference and they didn’t think that would happen. We’ll see if my roommate does.

Also as part of my quest for fish food today, I went down to the Oaksomething mall, where Vancouver has its first Lego store. It’s a fine place to buy sets, but I was disappointed by their loose piece and minifig selection. They had a bunch of good colours for bricks, but only in very limited sizes. I’m in the market for a load of tan 1x2s and 2x2s, but all they had was 2x4s. And the minifig heads didn’t count as part of the loose bricks. Selah. It did mean I made it out of there without buying anything. The mall didn’t have a pet supply store.

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