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high fives!

2007-08-13 - jjackunrau

I had a wonderful day of eating Indian food till I burst and feeling uncomfortable while having groceries purchased for me. And hearing about opulent Viennese parties and kebabs in boxes. I swear I won’t have to eat for another three days. Mmm torpor.

I also got a rejection letter for a flash fiction (<500 words) piece I’ve been shopping around to some little magazines. Most of the time I get the standard “We don’t have a place for that at this time.” Here’s what this assistant editor said after doing the “your story doesn’t meet our needs” thing:

"Error Correction" seems to be done in an artsy style that take a while to get into and then it is over, and leaving a sick feeling in my stomach. This style of story is popular with some publications, but it's not right for [this] Magazine.

I disagree that it takes a while to get into (the story’s less than 500 words) but otherwise that pretty much describes it. I left a sick feeling in her stomach!

(Also, I took out the name of the magazine because I didn’t want to make fun of an editor’s poor grammar in such a way she might be identified. Really though.)

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