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damaged feline

2007-09-12 - jjackunrau

I’m trying a new blog editor to go with my new blog here, so yeah.  If it seems weird that’s why.

Steve the cat has injured himself but he’s making me very pleased by not being a baby about it.  When Dave and I were waiting for the rest of the guys to show up for Reign last night, Steve the cat wandered downstairs, limping.  He wasn’t crying about it and I picked him up to see if he was hurt.  No yowling when I pressed his paw or anywhere else on his leg, so I figured it had just fallen asleep and he was shaking it off.  I let him outside and he was still limping.

I consciously didn’t let Alison know so she wouldn’t get all worried, but evidently she saw him hobbling around the house this morning and is going to take him to the vet when she gets home from work.

While playing Reign last night we began something a bit more traditional fantasy RPGishness, a quest to find an artifact in a temple.  I hope it’s a decent change of pace from all the piracy.

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