> scared of saying the southern multisyllabics

scared of saying the southern multisyllabics

2009-07-25 - jjackunrau

India Rails has its own quirks compared to the other games in the series (though in truth I’ve only played Australia Rails the one time so I might not be the best qualified judge). Example: Northern India has a shitload of rivers (which make building through mountains feel less expensive) and there’s only the one ferry. My play wasn’t stellar. I never really got a good daisy chain going even though I had a circuit of the subcontinent laid out. It took us all forever to head into the south. And Reyn is a horrible shuffler. But I’m glad I got the game so we have it as a rail-game option. I’d like to play Australian Rails again with more people sometime to compare the feel of these smaller-than-Europe map games.

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