> my urge to paint is rising

my urge to paint is rising

2011-02-01 - jjackunrau

I played Blood Bowl on Saturday and it was more fun than I remember it being back a decade ago. The big difference for me was not playing Lizardmen, which I’ve since learned are a tough team to play well. There are so many interesting decisions to make in a Blood Bowl game, even if you don’t care about the score.

On Saturday I was using a Norse team (sans werewolves) against a team of dwarves. My players got pulped because they don’t wear armour, but I managed to shove a dwarf into my own end zone so he couldn’t keep running down the clock and mauling my players. Then I pulled off an amazingly lucky passing play to score and end the first half. The second half saw me score again, but just a bit too early so the dwarves had time to rumble down the field and tie it up in the last turn of the game. My opponent was really nice and didn’t show too much impatience with my figuring out which order to make blocks in so as to maximize my chances of not failing.

All in all it was pretty fun. I like playing fragile guys who have a chance at making plays. I don’t think I’ll continue with a Norse team though. The passing game has too much allure.

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