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back from the red

2010-08-27 - jjackunrau

There hasn’t been news for a month and a bit as I was off in China. My amazingly talented girlfriend (Holly - yeah, stuff happened this trip) has a bakery in Nanchong and I got to hang out for almost the entire first month of it being open. I arrived on day five or something like that. And because of how doing anything in China works, it felt very different by the time we left. Not that the bakery itself felt much different (though displays were being moved around all the time and new paintings were being added, so the appearance did change somewhat) but the getting into the swing of the bakery and how it would work and look in the future morphed a lot.

Anyway, I got to be Holly’s photographer, dishwasher and white boy in the window (I figure was responsible for about half a sale per day I sat out front, enticing people to see what the waiguoren was eating) while I was there. Also learned about all the decision-making crap you do as a small business owner. I’m probably a better employee/independent contractor kind of person than I would be owner/boss material.

And now I’m off to Vancouver for library school. I move tomorrow. I have two checked bags and two carry-on, which is insane to me, and everything else I need (and a pile of crap I probably don’t) has been sent. DJS5ers, there’s some stuff at Reyn’s for you. Some miniatures and games I didn’t want to get rid of but didn’t want to cart across the country with me. A pair of slippers and a baseball bat (those’d be for Sean).

I’ll be back writing again. In a new place I feel like I’ll probably have a bit more to say.

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