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2008-01-06 - jjackunrau

The other day I was watching TSN’s coverage of the 2007 World Series of Poker (it was the afternoon before work and my day’s writing quota had been met; don’t judge me).

At the final table was a guy named Yang(?) who was just steamrolling through these people with more experience and deeper stacks and all that stuff. And he kept on praying during the hands. Like when it was a showdown he’d start calling out for the lord to show everyone his works and glory. It was really creepy. Then in one hand another guy’s wife/SO in the gallery was praying for god to “make a believer out of me!” So the two of them were praying against each other to win at poker and it just made me so uncomfortable.

I’m used to football and baseball players doing their prayerish things, but don’t those usually have something to do with their own athletic ability? Sort of a “Thanks for giving me the power to be such a bad-ass” kind of thing. Is that how it goes? I confess it’s all sort of background noise for me. But to see it in (skillful) gambling felt weird. I’ve got enough of my grandma in me to think maybe drawing god’s attention to your “sinful” activities isn’t the best plan.

This isn’t to say that I care one way or another, I just wonder if they really think praying to Jebus is going to change the next card into a nine of diamonds.

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