> how did Giambi make that catch?

how did Giambi make that catch?

2008-04-02 - jjackunrau

Oh baseball, how I’ve missed you. It’s too bad the Jays couldn’t hand the Yankees the loss on their historic final opening day in Yankee Stadium, but they didn’t entirely suck. That’s something. From the Tao of Stieb (a Jays blog I’m liking a lot more now that I don’t have 800 Spring Training reports to sift through because of my internet sabbatical): Sloppy grit doesn’t equal wins

Doc is an intense, angry man: Roy Halladay pitched last night as though it were Game 1 of the World Series. When things go wrong for Doc, we usually get the sense that he's swearing at himself on the mound. Last night, though, he glared in at home plate umpire Gary Darling (who was ridiculously awful), swore at the bogus dimensions of Yankee Stadium (314 feet my ass), and generally looked as though he was about to scale the outside of the Empire State Building and swat away at fighter planes.

Reyn didn’t get my email cancelling Reign last night and he actually showed up. Craziness. I was in an okay enough state that I didn’t actually fall asleep while he was here, so that’s a plus. And we played an awesome game of Carcassonne with many lead changes and a dramatic ending.

And I slept normally, so I think my body thinks I’m back in CDT. Huzzah.

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