> update for my mom to show her i am not dead

update for my mom to show her i am not dead

2012-08-06 - jjackunrau

This past week it felt like everyone went off on exciting roadtrips. Except me. I’m still here applying for jobs in many places. There are two really interesting jobs in Toronto I applied for, and there’s a lot of appeal in packing up all my stuff in a U-Haul and driving it across the country. But then it’d be another round of getting to know a new place and finding friends and all of that, which I am getting a little tired of. I’m applying for jobs here too. I know people who’ve gotten jobs here straight out of SLAIS. It is possible.

Last week I learned to play Agricola (emphasis on the GRIK with a short I sound) and croquet. I was accused of being a hipster when I enthused about croquet. Which I found a little odd because I was actually enthused, not ironically-jaded-enthused. Maybe I’ve misunderstood hipsterdom completely.

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