> no more slacking

no more slacking

2007-08-22 - jjackunrau

I am getting back into the swing of things here. And by swing of things I mean the feeling that I’m not wasting my life on the intertubes. Let me tell you about my new regimen: No internet until I’ve written a thousand words each day. A thousand words isn’t much, but it’s an important unit for me who tends to write in 150 word chunks. Two thousand words would be better, but I’m working up to it. This is to stop the “I don’t feel like writing” and “Everything I do is shitty” feelings that’ve been taking over and preventing me from getting any shit done.

No more “I’ll read comics till 10am and then get to work” and then looking up to see it’s 4 in the afternoon and I need to go to the library. No! No comics, no blogging, no reading, no nothing until 1000 words are in the word processor. I bought coffee to help me through. It’s organic and fair traded and Alison has a tiny french press that makes 1 cup so I don’t make myself sick. Making coffee is what I’m allowing myself as a prewriting activity.

Funny enough the biggest sink of my writing recently has been our weekly RPG, Reign. That’s sort of like writing, enough that I can fool myself into thinking I’m getting things done, but that’s hobby writing, fun stuff, and I can’t go thinking it’s like work.