> do ruminants need multiple stomachs?

do ruminants need multiple stomachs?

2007-10-04 - jjackunrau

We played Reign last night until 1:30am. I kind of felt bad for not checking the clock and saying “Hey, maybe we can wrap this up next week” but I didn’t have to get up early for work or school and things were going well. I had a really good time and we got through a big climactic “escape from the tomb and the liquid metal sorceror with the loot” kind of scene so it all worked out.

Today was absolutely shit for writing though. Basically because all I could think about was implications and ramifications from the game. It’s funny how almost-like-writing game prep can be. It’s very seductive because all you have to do is get characters set up and let people interact with them and the story takes care of itself. No one expects it to be literature; it’s supposed to be fun. In our game there was a “this is just like [insert movie here]” tally going, and in games that’s cool because it’s these players’ first time doing whatever is happening even if they’ve seen something similar in a movie before. So I feel a lot less pressure for originality in setting these things up.

And there’s the audience thing. My writing is rarely done “for” anyone. Which means that if I don’t write it, no one cares. Now, while I’m sure no one’s life will be crushed if our Reign game dissolved (it’s only a game), I do feel responsible to come up with cool stuff. I like feeling like someone cares if I do something. I guess that’s one of the things I miss about school: actually being responsible for doing things. Having objectives that matter to someone other than me if I don’t meet them. That kind of thing.

Tomorrow will be a better writing day. And I’ll feel like I’m not wasting my life.