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2007-04-30 - jjackunrau

I worry about the 2008 Olympics. Basically because while the world is watching Beijing there might be some nice things happening. Things that are easy to report on. But as soon as the Olympics are over, it’s not going to make much of a difference to anyone still there. Case in point from this CBC.ca article:

And according to a few official rulings released in recent months, Baber said, domestic journalists have to obtain permission before reporting on historical events considered "sensitive" and are banned from broadcasting news on 20 issues, including judicial corruption and human rights campaigns. ... She said China promised to provide what it calls "complete media freedom" for the Olympics, but judging from the new rules and regulations, that promise does not include freedom for domestic journalists.

The domestic journalists are the ones that know their territory and should be, if anything, freer to report on what matters to actual Chinese people.

I also worry about China because my neighbour from last year (the one who wasn’t allowed to leave the US when he went back to testify in a relative’s trial and was never charged with any crimes) is supposedly heading back to Chongqing. I got a fundraising email last night. I guess his rehab in California is over. And the courts gave his passport back.

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