> there's a reason I'm not a sick MC

there's a reason I'm not a sick MC

2007-05-16 - jjackunrau

Monday I was a journalizer early in the morning. I called up my source and interviewed the heck out of him for half an hour. Actually I didn’t do much. Got through a few questions and let him talk. It went well, and he did compliment one of my questions so I felt validated. Yesterday when I was transcribing the thing (man, transcribing sucks) I quickly stopped listening to my own voice, which I hate hearing. I’m not sure how people can handle my ridiculously unflowing words. Transcribing stuff is weird because of all that extra crap people add to their spoken communication. My interviewee filled his speech with “sort of” and “like” and fragments. I forget that sometimes, especially when I’m writing dialogue. Anyway, here’s the interview. We’ll see if any of it gets used in Wired or not.

I worked at the Osborne library on Monday too. That was so different from Millennium. Branch libraries suck to be a patron at, but are easy places to be a page. There were two carts that I just monitored and kept shelving from. Barely anything to do. Nice work if you can get it.

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