> maybe i should have some content up

maybe i should have some content up

2010-02-10 - jjackunrau

So I got something fun in the mail today. The latest issue of Broken Pencil, the magazine of zine culture and the independent arts. The reason this is extra fun is that I have a story in it. It’s near the back, is very short and is not a real pretty story. It’s called Texas Bound. Mom, you won’t like it. (I like it though.)

I just kind of panicked when it came in the mail because my bio/blurb after the story mentions this here website and I realized I haven’t written anything besides book reviews on here in quite some time. So, if you’re here from Broken Pencil and aren’t really keen on reading all my half-assed book reviews, check out my China posts. They’re probably the best stuff on here since the unpleasantness I’m not supposed to talk about. And I just noticed most of the links are broken on the Journalism page. That’s too bad. But I’ve got a Flickr account and Vagabondscrawl is my linkblog if you care what I’m reading.

Anyway. I had a good day. I have a couple of book reviews that need writing, but I’ll get them up tomorrow. Tonight I have Lego robots to build. On Friday I’ve got the day off and I am totally getting my shit together to take some decent pictures of them.

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