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biding time

2007-06-26 - jjackunrau

While I’m waiting to find out if I’m getting a job with the Canadian Mennonite, here’s the thing I wrote for them as part of their Young Prophets series: A Train to Nowhere? One of the things about long turnaround times is that I can’t remember if I actually gave it that title. And there are two paragraphs in a row that end with an exclamation point. What was I thinking? Other than those exclamation points I think the thing plays all right.

You may have noticed my productivity here on the blog has been going down a bit. One of the reasons for that is that interesting things I find in my daily online activities have been getting filed without much comment on either my del.icio.us or in my RSS reader. If you are looking for more of the links to things I found interesting here’s where they’re collecting. This is almost exactly the same as what’s in the sidebar of the blog here, but it has it’s own RSS feed if you’re into that.

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