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2011-01-23 - jjackunrau

Today I learned about Lexis Nexis QuickLaw and the interesting things you can do with it. Here are my notes, which may or may not be useful to you if you weren’t there. It was another of the Special Libraries Association week events at school. They put on good events. Useful stuff. On Wednesday we got to tour UBC’s Rare Books and Special Collections which included watching a robot go and find a metal box in this vertically huge storage area and bring it back to us so we could see what was stored inside a smaller box within that box. It was Robert E. Lee’s wife’s hair. Which was very blonde.

If you don’t read my library blog you might not know I didn’t get the job I interviewed for last week. Which is why I’m home this fine Saturday evening. I know eventually I will work again, but the lack of money coming in is starting to make me a bit twitchy. And I’d rather be saving money right now for when Holly gets here (in 17 days). She apparently likes to eat something called “food” rather than my preferred subsistence: gnawing on the aspirations of children. Not that I have any legitimate right to gripe about money, not when I gladly make the choice to do these intercontinental flights every few months. If it was that important to me I could sit here with a few more thousand dollars and be much less happy.

But enough about that. I was at Brenda’s parents’ place in Abbotsford last night watching slides and eating Croatian food. It was pretty excellent. It made me want to travel somewhere that isn’t Nanchong (after the next time I go to Nanchong, of course). Happily, I know someone who might also like to do such a thing. There are lots of places in the world that aren’t Nanchong. They are fun to speculate about.

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