> job interview thursday

job interview thursday

2011-01-13 - jjackunrau

So my interview tomorrow is my first real job interview in years. I mean, I had interviews for my different positions in the library, but after the initial one to become a page, they didn’t really mean anything. I went in to meet people and the possibility of me getting the job rested solely on my seniority. So I was very relaxed for those. It’s probably good to have those practice runs under the ol’ belt.

My last interview that counted was for going to Egypt. I didn’t get that job, but I’d thought the interview went really well. Ha. I mean, I’m not complaining that I’m not just coming back from three more years of teaching English now. I’m glad I’m doing library school now (and will be gladder when it isn’t keeping me 9893km from Holly).

But since the last two interviews I did went well but I was passed over I’m not worried about this one tomorrow. I’ll wear my tie and talk about social media things. I won’t be self-deprecating but I won’t be an asshole. And then I’ll wait to find out if I’m employed. It’ll be good experience if I get it (and money for rent). If I don’t get it, it’s fine. I have lots of other things I can fill my time with.

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