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school's in

2010-09-08 - jjackunrau

And I’m back. At school. And the constant theme of the first day was “We don’t want to overwhelm you with information here…” so I ended up underwhelmed. I mean, it’s nice that they’re easing us into it. Hooray for not having a shit-tonne of stuff to do for tomorrow. But. I’ve been saving up my doing-stuff energy for being back at school. I’ve done one or fewer things per day for like the last four years, so I’m actually kind of ready to get shit happening. Holly’s on the other side of the continent (/planet in a couple of weeks) so I’m actually kind of okay with not having a life and being busy till December. That makes time pass faster, right?

Tomorrow I’ll bike to school for the first time. Hopefully my legs won’t give out completely. I figure it’ll be a month of feeling like shit and then I’ll be in somewhat of a groove and it’ll be not terrible (apart from the rain).

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