> job hunting (or: a quarter of my waking life)

job hunting (or: a quarter of my waking life)

2012-07-31 - jjackunrau

I have not been posting much this month because I have become crazy busy with my last bit of school and with trying unsuccessfully to find a job. Last year I got a co-op job really easily so I guess I shouldn’t be complaining too much yet.

But man, there were 50 applicants for a Casual Children’s Librarian position. Casual. No guaranteed hours. I got an interview for that job, my only one so far in Vancouver, and I kind of sort of knew the head of Youth Services there. The job went to someone with much more experience than me. Because there are so many librarians out there looking for work.

I knew this would suck, but I thought I was pretty good at this librarian thing and I’d be okay. I still hope that. In 2006 it was four months before I got my job at the library, which wasn’t so bad. But my rent then was a third of what I pay now.

Since I don’t actually have to live anywhere specific, it’s going to be increasingly stupid for me to stay in Vancouver with no income. I wish I’d been able to live here as an employed person. It probably would have been more fun. Though it’s not like anywhere else is some librarian promised land. (I have applied in Calgary.)

I figure that once this month of too much work is done I guess I’ll start looking at jobs in the land of no healthcare and shittier wages. I have enough airmiles to do two North American return flights so I could even do a couple of non-Skype interviews before traversing the continent. Hooray.

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