> suddenly everything happens at once

suddenly everything happens at once

2012-06-14 - jjackunrau

I’ve had a pretty lowkey couple of months since my winter term ended. Plugging away at the IFLA project and doing my Children’s Publishing course. But now this week everything decided to start happening all at once. I had an interview yesterday for a Professional Experience course doing techy stuff with a Teen Summer Reading Program. The interview went well and I was hired, so instead of having one more course to finish, I’m doing that instead. I also got hired (for pay not course credit) to work on producing videos for SLAIS over the summer. And next week I’m going to Ontario for ten days to interview IFLA-connected librarians (again for course credit, but the trip is paid for not by me).

All of this busyness while I’m applying for post-school jobs. And that came around to bite me today. I applied for a job in Kelowna which would have been pretty sweet, and they called me to bring me in for an interview, but the interview time was Monday, when I’ll be in Ottawa. So I had to turn them down and hope that they have a bunch of terrible applicants so they have to go to a second round of interviews once I return. It’s nice to get offered an interview, and it sucks to not be able to go do it. I get this notion that this was my only chance and now it’s gone and I’ll never work again, which is patently untrue, but still.

I also got to watch the last third of a perfect baseball game tonight. Matt Cain is a pretty awesome pitcher.

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