> relaxing thoughts of baseball

relaxing thoughts of baseball

2012-10-01 - jjackunrau

I’ve been getting settled in Campbell River the last week. It seems pretty good so far. I love the view from my apartment even when it’s cloudy. I’ve talked more with my neighbour in the last five days than I have with any neighbour I’ve ever had before. morning My internet is installed and I’m glad to have it as the MLB postseason looms. This year I won’t have to watch playoff games the day after to fit in with my sleep schedule. Though I guess being out in Pacific Time means most games’ll start when I’m at work. That’s too bad. I guess the Giants games’ll be at a more suitable time, and those are the ones I have a more vested interest in. It’s only been a few years since I adopted the Giants as my NL team, and I’m very obviously not a lifelong fan as I’m kind of cheering for the Dodgers to get into the postseason too. I like the sparks that would fly if they met for the NLCS. I really want an all black and orange World Series.

Last night I met a bunch of the library community at the retirement party for my predecessor and it was pretty fun. I was introduced to a storytime puppet and there was food I could eat, and we talked about how you can date novels by the technology inside. Library people are people I can get along with. The assorted librarians’ husbands were also very welcoming. One guy makes really detailed sculptures of fish!

And tomorrow I start work. Which is weird. But I’ll be at an information desk, which is where I do well so it should be fine. I’m sure there’ll be a few “Ack! It’s my first Baby Time!” posts as the month progresses. And Halloween. Oh man, I’ve got to figure out a costume.

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