> first (and not last) jobhunt disappointment

first (and not last) jobhunt disappointment

2012-05-25 - jjackunrau

A while back I applied for a Children’s Librarian job far from Vancouver in a much rougher place than here. Last week people from the library called and scheduled a phone interview, which meant I started to get a bit excited. On Wednesday I had the interview and I felt like it went really well. I never had to talk out of my depth, I was excited about the possibilities coming up at the library. In my head I was figuring out how the logistics of moving to this far-off place would work and how little Vancouver time I might have left. I was thinking about cool programs I could be running for the kids up there, and what a great job that would be.

I should know better than to want anything ever. I have a way better track record at getting things I don’t really care about.

So yeah, I didn’t get this job. Which is good because it means I’m not leaving Vancouver anytime soon. The crappiness of it is that I applied out there thinking it would be a less competitive situation. Jobs here in the lower mainland put me at the throats of practically all my librarian friends (note that we’re all very nice about the job competition so far and all the throats are more conceptual background thoughts than anything literal) and even more qualified people. Here, I’ll only be able to get the job that I’m absolutely perfect for, I feel.

But them’s the breaks and I’ll keep applying for things. One of my friends just highlighted a job in Kelowna that would be pretty good for me, and I’ve got applications in at a few libraries around here that it’s possible I’ll hear some word on soon.

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