> quality assured by no one

quality assured by no one

2009-12-17 - jjackunrau

Very little happened at the cheese factory today. By that of course I mean that 1500kg of cheese was produced. Most of it cheddar avec lots of dye. Mmm dye. Come to think of it, I am fairly unaware of how much cheese our factory produces in a day. I can’t quite tell if that number is high or low. Why that wasn’t part of my training? There’s a Quality Assurance person I’m sure would know. Richard Marsisperran or something. Some name too long for the patch on his coveralls. I’ll ask tomorrow.

The thing I did learn today is that Winnipeg has a Zine library. And it’s not at Mondragon. I learned this from a stranger who thought I might be interested since I was wearing my anarchist Librarian hoodie. (I am such a poseur.) I suppose Sarah knows about this already. I will have to go. Possibly on Friday before I go see about my new tattoos. I’m planning to finally finish off my arm poems.

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