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world's most dangerous places

2010-04-01 - jjackunrau

I don’t think the news covers attempted suicides for fear of copycats and such but this is just an irresponsible blog that no one reads and word on the street is that someone tried to jump off Millennium Library today. Yikes.

It reminds me of that story I heard about the guy in Europe (Sweden? Switzerland?) who was an employee at one of the National Libraries who killed himself at work. I can’t remember if it was because of work stuff or… No it was because he’d gotten hit with a sexual harassment suit for making a comment about a female coworker and then he committed suicide in the library. And then the woman was in some sort of Sexy Librarians calendar that came out like a month later? Something like that? One of those urban legend type stories.

As far as I know the guy at Millennium today was rescued.

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