> 1234V issue 4 (masturbation)

1234V issue 4 (masturbation)

2010-05-29 - jjackunrau

I feel sort of bad for not going to Sarah’s Cliffs of Insanity Princess Bride party last week, but figured I’d make up for it by attending the 1234V launch tonight. I had my regular conversation with Sarah about getting her stuff into the big zine library in Toronto. She seems like she might do something about it this time.

Cam and Kim and Duncan and Jenny Hinkleman(sp?) and I sat around a table chatting about condo corporations and the relative flavour merits of beers and the skirts on girls seen on the street. All while someone (I name no names) was a DJ snob about the opening performer not having any turntables. I’m glad Cam and Duncan were there, since I always feel kind of weird at these shows when I don’t know anyone. And by that I mean anyone who’s not busy doing shit because they’re running the show.

There were a bunch of people there, though a lot of them talked through the readings. Why pay money to attend something you’re going to talk over anyway? Je ne sais pas. I suppose the cover’s still pretty cheap. I left before the dildo raffle was drawn.

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