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2009-07-12 - jjackunrau

I enjoyed my condensed little Folk Fest on Friday. While it was cold at mainstage I managed to shiver through the sets by Iron & Wine and Neko Case which were my reasons for going. I knew that Iron & Wine was just one guy, but that didn’t stop me from being really happy seeing Sam Beam stand there with his guitar a speck in the middle of that big old stage. He laughed at the notion of these thousands of people being outside to listen to “quiet folk music” and played nothing to dance to. I loved it. His voice was less whispery than on the albums and he opened with the Trapeze Swinger, my favourite of all his songs. Neko Case was good too, though her set started a little roughly. I wasn’t disappointed and I’m glad she sang.

I saw the Deep Dark Woods, who I like and saw C.R. Avery at a covers workshop. He did a Neil Young song beatboxing with a harmonica. After that was over I floated to a bunch of stages. Because I was only there for a day I didn’t hang around workshops that didn’t grab me hard. Until the Songs of the Contemporary Cynic show with the Dust Poets and Mark Berube and Vance Gilbert, which was everything you want out of a folk festival workshop. The bands were bantering, had interesting instrumentation and they all joined in on each other’s songs. It was great. I took a bunch of pictures but in a fit of Luddism I only took my old film SLR so I don’t have them digitized (or developed) yet.

What else happened in the last week? I was dogsitting and Rudy didn’t end up dead from the cancer so that’s good. I read a couple of books (reviews will be up shortly) and saw Moon last night with Sean (who graciously accompanied me to a science fiction film). We discussed science fiction and issues afterwards and I was my usual articulate self. I should learn some day not to speak things I haven’t already worked out in writing. Discussions that come through my mouth never work, and I either blather to or patronize my listener. Sorry to everyone who ever tries to listen to me speak.

Today I broke down and got the MLB At Bat program for my iPod so I can listen to baseball games now that my free cable is gone. I can watch a couple each day too, but I’m not a huge fan of watching TV on the palm of my hand. I’m listening to the Mariners game right now. Ichiro was up and was called out on strikes. I tend to do other stuff while baseball is on anyway so listening to the games isn’t too shabby. Plus it gives you video highlights and condensed games and stuff.

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