> you have your sods and here are some additional odds

you have your sods and here are some additional odds

2010-06-19 - jjackunrau

This week has not been as crazy as my lack of posting might make it seem. On Wednesday I was sitting and reading with the window open and people on the block were listening to loud music. At first I would have described it as “roofer music,” the kind of stuff you’d have on the radio while shingling (as opposed to what you’d sit on the stoop and have a beer listening to). But really, who around here is putting a new roof on their house? I don’t think that’s a high priority for either the North Side Killers or the West Side Mad Cows. Then I recognized two songs in a row and realized I wasn’t listening to roofer DJs but wedding reception DJs as we had Mony Mony and Roxanne in quick succession. As I was typing this someone drove by playing something from Live’s Throwing Copper album about lightning crashing and an old woman dying.

There’s a movie either coming out or that has just come out called Grown Ups. It’s got a whole pile of SNL alumni. The trailer looks like it’s about all these high school friends reuniting as grownups and probably learning something about themselves through hijinks. The other day Reyn had a great idea for that movie. It should be about those characters being grownups. Like just getting the kids ready for school and forgetting to buy eggs (evidently this is a thing about modern life that irks Reyn) and generally being boring. I think this would be the best idea ever. To have it billed as a huge wacky comedy with all those actors and then have it be a plotless day in the life cinema-verite kind of thing. To spend millions of dollars on an Andy Kauffman-esque joke. It would be perfect. And make no money.

Another thing I heard recently was a person talking about genocides. What struck me was how he introduced it by listing off the genocides of the 20th century: “Hitler, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Sudan…” As if the country Sudan itself was ordering people to be killed. The land all rising up and saying “This group of people is in the way politically. Get rid of them.” Technically it’s probably more accurate designating a state as the killer rather than ascribing all these deaths to one monstrous person, but it’s interesting to me how we don’t have a figurehead to blame for the situation.

I only have 9 more shifts at work before our road trip to Chicago. Ten shifts really, but one of them is a split. I don’t really mind the split shifts so much any more. Especially now that I get so few hours, it being summer and all. This week I had one and I discovered a Dairy Queen when I went walking for the couple of hours between shifts.

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