> good stuff to come, this isn't it

good stuff to come, this isn't it

2008-04-01 - jjackunrau

I’m home.

The sleep schedule’s all messed up but luckily I don’t have to go to work till tomorrow. And even then it’s not like I have to wake up at a normal time. I need four (maybe six, to get me home and back) hours of functionality in the evening. Piece of cake.

Customs went fine despite my statistical abnormality of being gone for a month with two carry-on bags. I didn’t run out of stuff to read on the flights since we had what I like to think of as Austin planes, the ones with the personal video thingies in every seat that my cousin has been installing. I could watch good movies (Michael Clayton, I’m Not There and The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford) on my schedule which was much better than the flight to Shanghai where we were stuck with one bigscreen showing of Dan in Real Life. I burned through my Eco book then.

I’ll be posting about the trip soon. The tasks today are to drag my pictures over to my computer and then get them up onto Flickr. Anyone want to give me $30 to upgrade to a Pro account over there? Then all my pics become available, not just the most recent 200. I think I can do it myself. I’ve got a tax return coming someday.

I also have a new writing regimen/schedule figured out which begins tomorrow. It means I’m going to be less constantly online than I have been. I get a lot more done without internet access, and even if I make promises to be using the word processor it’s so easy to slip over to check the email or what’s new on the wire and then boom a morning is gone. So it’s going to be mornings in notebooks only. Afternoons and evenings I can go into typing things up (which means things are going through more drafts so that’s a good thing) and mucking about the intertubes, but sitting at a table and cranking out pages by hand worked really well in March. I wrote a short book out there. The first draft of one anyway. Now will take the excessive rewrites and chopping that into something that might be interesting to someone other than myself. Maybe by the end of summer. But that’s afternoon work, night work. Morning work is shitty first draft time. Even if they’re shitty first drafts of things I’ve already had a couple of goes at.

So yes. I had a very good time. Holly’s easy to miss and easy to be with. That’s a good combination I think.