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2007-05-07 - jjackunrau

Let me start off by saying that I love Dan Bern. He’s got so many excellent songs and so much cleverness and all that stuff. That show last week rocked quite a few of my socks, even those which stayed home.

Danny Michel’s show at the WECC tonight kicked Dan Bern’s show’s ass.

Danny Michel had banter, sang songs I knew, songs I didn’t. He told stories about how a cabbie taught him all about what was wrong with Winnipeg (Toronto cops have been confiscating our weed). He switched guitars with the girl who was his opening act. He swivelled his hips to cut down on his guitar’s buzzing. He played the piano with his foot when he needed to. He covered a Johnny Cash cover sing. He took requests and even sang a number he swore he wouldn’t remember (but he did). He got the crowd to sing him off the stage after his encore. It was the best concert I’ve been to in roughly the age of a racoon.

This is not a knock against Daniel Bernstein; Black Tornado is my favourite song. But Dan Bern should have played like Danny Michel. And if he did, he might be alive.

(As far as I know he is still alive. Don’t worry, Sean.)

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